This is because the succes of GUI Executor 1. 

But this one i way more better it haves more gui's for better and lots of populair games! It haves 15 exploits inside (gui's) one! So why you should download lots of exploits if you can download this one and you have all best in one! So where you waiting for?

gallery/gui executor 2 pic


This exploit is made by: STC Mods


API by Wearedevs


Gui creator credits:

Victini, BabyHamstra, Josh#9877, Jeffery, Unlisting
Psykek#3180, ZFrogger#6467, Hawt Dawg, TitaniumDeveloper#7719, ak47
Anwarun, M155L3, FunTratOr, DarkDevs, Geneva Ayala#0666, Brainops1, 
LuckyMMB#8645,Fade_#1763, Razerhacks3716#6650, FalconPunch