READ!! The exploits don't come with Wearedevs.api anymore you need to instal it manually! Then click here to complete! Click here to download Winrar extractor





A great new exploit with alot of quick commands and a nice LUA C excutor! 

A great new exploit with alot of quick commands 

gallery/bandicam 2018-07-15 14-24-51-943

1000 Subs

A great new exploit with nice LUA C excutor! Made by STCmods made for the 1000 subs special. 

gallery/voor website smallestploit


This is smallest exploit in the world! With alot of quick commands and a nice LUA C excutor! 

Our exploits 

Here we post our exploits, They are all working! Its all for free use! Are there problems with one of our products please be free to contact us!


gallery/roblox toolbar

A great new toolbar with alot of quick commands and a nice LUA C excutor! 

gallery/sploit voor stc

A great new exploit with alot of quick commands and a nice LUA C excutor and a LUA Excutor 


gallery/jailbreak nodoors

A Nice command that delete al doors in the game with one press on the button

Jailbreak Nodoors



A nice exploit with rare quick commands and a lua

and lua c excutor!


A nice exploit for roblox with teleports, nodoors , noclip, autorob and more! 



gallery/spaceship foto

A nice exploit with cool jailbreak commands and more also a nice Lua and Lua c excutor inside!



gallery/wiet panel

A nice roblox exploit with lots of commands and and a Lua and Lua c excutor!

STC Ultimate

gallery/stc ultimate

The best exploit that i ever have made with lots of rare commands and jailbreak commands and normal command also a lua an lua c excutor!

Happy Halloween

gallery/happy halloween picture

This one i have special made for Halloween its very nice with lots of scary commands you most check this one out!

gallery/gui excutor

GUI Excutor

The biggest exploit on the moment it haves 15 exploits (guides) inside. So lots of fun with one exploit for lots of games!



gallery/waapp foto

A nice small exploit for Work at a pizza place! 

With some good commands.


gallery/jailnbreaking foto

This is a very nice exploit / mod menu for Jailbreak it haves lots of nice commands in it arround 100 commands inside that it haves 50 teleports!



The best jailbreak exploit that is out yet(1-1-2019)! It haves alot of new futures! It is the best Jailbreak exploit that is out now in 2019 and it opend jailbreak in a hole new level! Welcome to JailAdmin!


GUI Excutor 2

gallery/gui executor 2 pic

This is because the succes of GUI Executor 1. 

But this one i way more better it haves more gui's for better and lots of populair games! It haves 15 exploits inside (gui's) one! 

STC Ultimate 2


gallery/stc ultimate 2 picture
gallery/madbreak picture

This is because the succes of STC Ultimate 1. 

But this one i way more better it haves lots more commands for lots of populair games! This is the biggest exploit that i ever made special for the

10K subscribers!

This is the best Madcity exploit out yet!

It haves great futures such as autorobs, Fly mode, Moneyfarm, Xpfarm, Jetpack, Lots of teleports and much more you most check this one out!

gallery/phantomhack picture


This is a very nice menu for PhantomForces! Its haves lots of great futures such as ESP, Noclip, Aimbot, Xray and lots more!



gallery/done stc lua picture png

STC Lua is here! Its a free version of Synapse!!! It works great and you can execute lots of scripts with this amazing Executor!!!


gallery/bloxkill photo

This is the best Bloxburg exploit out yet!

Its haves lots of great futures such as Autofarming!

And it haves Lots of teleports and lots more!


gallery/weaponstorage picture


This exploit haves the best weapons that are made as script for Roblox so if you want to use a weapon in a Roblox game then you should use this one! 


GUI Executor 3!

gallery/gui executor 3 picture

Da exploit where you all waiting for Gui Executor 3! This time with lots of more Gui's from 15 to 40 Gui's on this one!You most have this one its is easy and you dont need to search anymore!



This is the first realesed SharkBite exploit!! 

And the best out yet with most of commands

In this exploit you can get all weapons and boats for free such as Titanic!!! And lot of more futures!!




gallery/speedy foto

Speedy is a brand new exploit for Legends of Speed! This exploit is also the best one out yet for this game. It haves lots of great futures and a great working AUTOFARM also lots of teleports!


gallery/prisonkiller picture

This is my first exploit for Prisonlife! Also i think this is one of the best out yet! With this exploit you can kill everybody with just one click and there are lots of more cool furtures you most have this one! 


gallery/gui exe 4 foto

Brand new future Gui executor 4 is now here free to download! The most of you know this amazing exploit! This time its back with 50 gui's in one! This all because a great succes of Gui exe 1,2 and 3!

Gui Executor 4

gallery/best ninja

Ninja is a brand new exploit for Ninja Legends!

It haves lots of great futures such as autofarming, Infinity jumps, Sell on location, Flymode, collect all chest and lots of teleports! You most have this one!

gallery/jailfun tumpn
gallery/roblox exploiter


The new Future of Jailbreak is here!

Now you can make fun at jail with this amazing exploit.

This one haves more then 100 working cmds. Also it haves STC Lua included so you can aslo execute your own scripts our gui's. 



The best teleporter menu for Roblox with the most teleports for a lot of Roblox games. The much have for Roblox easy to troll your friends and fast switching to a other location!


Gui Executor 5

gallery/gui executor 5 png

STC Mods bigest exploit/mod menu for Roblox working for lot of roblox games. With the best cmds and teleports. This menu have allready cost years of work and it will be the Premium exploit of STC Mods. So its our only exploit that needs a little donation to revive the exploit.

The bigest GUI Executor that brings to roblox. It will be ready for 100 top Roblox games. So you get 100 working gui's at one time so you don't need to search for hours to get a working gui. We did that for you guys all for free! The most populair exploit of STC Mods. From a succes of Gui Executor 1,2,3 AND 4!