READ!! The exploits don't come with Wearedevs.api anymore you need to instal it manually! Then click here to complete! Click here to download Winrar extractor

new!free scripts

This is a new page we gona place on this page free working scripts and gui's Lua and Lua C all are working with STC LUA

(Get STC LUA for free here). Also it gona work with lots of other executor's such as Synapse!  We have chosed for no ad links this time so easy to instal and just a give from us for all the support (with no ad links we dont get payt). You can download easly text file our get it with Ctrl A / Ctrl C. If the scripts patched please contact us on the exploiter forum!

Lawn Mowing Simulator Gui

Vehicle Simulator Gui

gallery/vehicle simulator pic


gallery/lawn moving pic


Natural Disaster Survival Gui

gallery/natural disaster gui


Prison Life Gui